Tray:nui Superleggera by Jaime Rosales

Jaime Rosales Shares The Nui Superleggera Tray

Jaime Rosales, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Tray by Jaime Rosales illustrates, This ultra-light, minimalist, wood serving tray evolved via a reductionist approach to streamline each part to their core essentials. As each part informed the others; the ensuing integration resulted in a cohesive and well balanced design. In turn, the functional imperatives sought optimal structural rigidity and weight transfer. So by virtue of ergonomics and weight savings, the cantilever handles provide an intuitive UX. The base was shaped with a purpose-driven curvature, so that the tray rests on 4 contact points. Thus, it can be comfortably placed on the lap and avoid surface humidity..

Tray:nui Superleggera by Jaime Rosales Images:


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