Old House in Wabi-Sabi-House by Yu-Jui Chang

Yu-Jui Chang Reveals The Old House in Wabi-Sabi House

Yu-Jui Chang, the creative mind behind the awarded work House:Old House in Wabi-Sabi by Yu-Jui Chang spells out, In Japanese, Wabi-Sabi means to get rid of the unnecessary, and to pursue essence of nature. However, it doesn’t mean to change its original objects, but to make it pure and insert vitality. The peaceful atmosphere make you think deeply and bring out inner soul. Designers kept the attitude of retaining the old things, but also gave new life and new elements in house. They respect the original spacial condition and natural view, and also made an effort to fuse new elements into it. Open area brings the outdoor landscape in. The design tactic is used to bring the tone of green into the building..

Old House in Wabi-Sabi-House by Yu-Jui Chang Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=49432

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